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Below you will find a partial list of references – we have many, many more if you need them. There are also 3 new home developments listed that we’ve completed, but we’ve built 1500 homes in 200 subdivisions in the last 25 years so if you need more, let us know.

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Though we’ve completed 185+ elevation projects to date, these are some of the most recent. If you want others in other areas, or a more comprehensive list of new home developments we’ve finished, please let us know and we will send them. I’ve included 3 new home developments at the bottom of the list, and there are many others (over 200 major subdivisions can be provided to you if you wish).  

Muriel Lucas – new home – 312 W. Bayview Dr., Ocean Beach III, Toms River, NJ – 201 664 9040. Complete.

Helen & John Materazzi – lift, new foundation & decks – 204 Catherine Lane, Manahawkin – 201 463 3718. Complete.

Sue Reese – elevation, new deck, basement – 131 Bayview Dr – Brick – Complete.

Cindy & John Lenehan – Demo, new home – 27 W. Susquehanna Dr. – Little Egg – 732 779 7229 Complete.

Dennis & Mary Whitby – lift, move, pilings, decks, pavers – 1003 Peak Sail Point, Lanoka Harbor – 732 546 7705. Complete. Partial slab separation.

Kathy Dotoli, Esq. – renovation – 684 Westwood Ave, Long Branch – 732 221 5640

    Office fit out – 225 Washington Street, Toms River

66 Lake Superior Dr., Little Egg Harbor. Kitty & Ed Seitz. Demo and rebuild new home. Complete.

Jo Lucas – 64 Lake Superior, Little Egg Harbor. Demo and rebuild new home. In finish – 95% complete

Chris Balis and Anne King – lift, new foundation, decks – 424 Twin Lake Blvd, Little Egg Harbor – 609 573 5819 609 713 9064. Complete. Complete Slab separation with multiple floor levels.

Bob Steimle – 131 Mantoloking Rd., Brick – Sandy rescue. Moved house from back yard and reset on foundation. Completed stairs, concrete, and interior of house.

Sally Bacek – 215 Foster Road, Toms River: Demo, rebuild new home. Complete.

Pete & Nita Rose: 1542 Laguna Drive, Point Pleasant. – Elevation, new decks, landscaping. Complete.

Frank and Ruth Picolella: 2111 Middle Ave., Point Pleasant. Elevation, new decks. Complete. Complex partial slab separation.

Vincent Sestito: 1741 Bay Blvd., Point Pleasant. Elevation, new decks, pavers, cultured stone. Complete. 732 492 1007

Sue Maloney – 7 East North Carolina, LBI, 2800 sq ft new home, under construction

Bob Billerman: 1800 Bay Blvd, Point Pleasant. Elevation, new floor system, new decks. Complete.

Donna Bannon: 2233 Laurel Ave, Point Pleasant. Elevation, new decks. Complete. Rebuild floor system.  

John Mogel: 1600 Center Street, Point Pleasant. Elevation, new decks and entries. Complete.

Jim & Jackie Reilly: 1631 Center St. Point Pleasant: Elevation, new floor & room, new decks, renovation. In process. Split level, partial slab rebuild, 3 floor levels. Complete.

Brian Luciani: 104 W. Pelican Drive, Ocean Beach III, Toms River: Elevation, complete slab separation, new foundation. Complete. 908 966 3301

Pete and Sue Paraisis: 2118 Middle Ave, Point Pleasant. Elevation, helical piles, new foundation, decks. Complete.

Frank & Barbara Giancaspro: 232 Bay Stream Dr., Toms River. Elevation, new decks, entries. Complete. 908 239 0137

Maryann & Pat: 2 Sunrise Court, Toms River: Demolition and new home, in process. 732 278 2552

Rudy & Barbara Pernini, 71 Woodhaven Dr., Toms River: Elevation, floor system, decks, stone, new basement: In process

Stephanie & Brian Burkhart: 225 Baywood Dr., Brick: Elevation, new floor system, garage, basement, decks: In process. 732 604 2578

Ann Doherty: 1622 West End Dr., Point Pleasant: Elevation, 4 new floor systems on 3 levels, new foundation & entrance. Complete.

Dale Mcleod: 566 Parker Ave., Brick: Elevation, Move, rebuild entire floor system, new entries. Complete.

Pat Murphy – 108 Asbury Ave., Ocean Gate – Full lift, new front and rear decks, basement. Complete

Desiree Land: 2206 Middle Ave., Point Boro: Elevation, new foundation, porch and rear deck. Complete.

Daniel Palkowski: 2224 Riviera Parkway, Point Boro: Elevation, stone work, new siding & roof, new front masonry porch. Complete. 732 735 1509

Ed Micalski – 136 Evelyn Drive, Manahawkin – full elevation, concrete, new decks & roof deck, carpet, change windows. Just completed.

Trina Simone – 70 Joshua Drive, Manahawkin – raise, new garage doors and siding, rear deck, full interior renovation

Keith and Jen Hagendoorn – 32 Jib Ct – Bayville – 11 foot lift, add garage and driveway, concrete, windows, spiral stairs. In process – 90% complete.

Pat Daly – 109 NW Central – Seaside – Sandy rescue – contractor abandoned job. Reinforce all decks, lower house, install concrete, build room over garage, add doors and windows. In Process. 732 233 2840

Bob & Dorothy Gashler – 225 Silver Bay Road, TR – elevation, new deck, roofing, siding. In process. 908 783 9836.

Stephanie & Brian Burkhart – 225 Baywood Blvd, Brick – full height elevation, new footing, foundation and floor system, new garage & decks. In process. 732 604 2578.

Pat Kendrick – 301 Asbury Ave, Ocean Grove – Sandy rescue – lowering house, completing stairs, decks, masonry and entrance. In process

Kathy Gill – 202 22nd Ave., S. Seaside Park – elevation, demo, move house, new decks, kitchen, laundry, siding. In process. 917 691 8132.

Laura Mulcahy – 30 E. Kingfisher, Ocean Beach III – demo, new house rebuild. In process. 914 325 3267

Robert Farr – 8 W. Grenada, Bricktown – Sandy rescue – finish foundation, lower house, new garage & floor system, new decks and entries. In process.

Rachel Pavano – 33 Bartine Ct., Toms River : Rescue from other builder: Build new foundation and footing, lower house, build decks and entries, build new room in garage: In process

In addition, you can drive by a number of communities I’ve built. They are listed on our web site, but the largest ones in the Ocean County area are as follows:

New Home Projects

Ridgecreek at Manchester – 51 homes – Commonwealth Blvd – Manchester

Foxmoor at Bayville – 135 homes – in the triangle formed by Rt.9, Serpentine Road and Central Ave – Bayville, NJ

Riverview – 17 Waterfront homes – South River Drive – Forked River

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Vincent Simonelli, President

Valerie Jones, VP Human Resources

609 693 8881  C:732 300 5619




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Note for clarification: Atlantic Northeast Construction LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dream Homes Ltd. ANC is the construction arm of Dream Homes Ltd.

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